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Save a Stray Day - Sunday 29th July 2018

The life-saving treatment of countless strays is something that gives us immense pride, and the cases we witness only serve to strengthen our desire to effect long-lasting change in countries where the problem is out of control.

Join us in our first ever Save a Stray Day takes place on Sunday 29th July, with a host of events taking place throughout the UK and overseas to raise vital funds for the treatment of stray dogs and cats.

This inaugural event represents an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue and provide support for the animals that the charity supports across the globe.

Earlier this year we made history by introducing a programme in Penang which led to the end of the dog culls in the Malaysian state. Around 25,000 strays live there and, with no humane solution in place, many were sadly killed. However, after hearing about IAPWA’s work in Borneo, the authorities in Penang asked to visit the charity to discuss bringing an end to the crisis. We became the first partner of the Penang Council to establish and manage a project to offer a solution for the strays.

As well as neutering and vaccinating stray dogs and providing any extra veterinary care they require, the team also support local sanctuaries and groups with dogs they rescue, find forever homes for dogs, and organise awareness sessions in order to create long-lasting change in Penang.

We also support live-saving work with strays in Borneo, Romania and Philippines.

While the plight of stray cats and dogs resonates with animal lovers everywhere, it is important to highlight the extent of the problem and the work that needs to be done to create long-lasting change. With the help of a lot of fun and innovative events put together by passionate volunteers, we can hopefully raise awareness of the situation and offer an insight into why it is a crucial issue.

How your money helps

Every pound you raise makes all the difference to stray animals lives and helps us to end the cycle.


Vaccinates a stray to protect them against disease.


Provides food for one of our patients receiving veterinary care.


Funds a stray to be neutered to prevent puppies from being born on the streets.


Provides veterinary treatment for a stray who urgently needs our help.

Facing Fears

Breast cancer survivor Yvonne Anderson will be facing her fear of heights and flying, and will be joined by four colleagues on the skydive at Netheravon Airfield. Elsewhere, her colleagues Simon Moore and David Harper-Smith are doing their bit by taking part in the 20-mile Man vs Mountain race at Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Best of luck to Yvonne and team!

Get Involved

Our amazing volunteers have came up with a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Yappy Hour
  • Bake Sales
  • Sponsored Walks