The situation in Romania is heartbreaking. Thousands of dogs and cats struggle for survival with temperatures reaching as low as -25 in winter. Many freeze to death or become victims of neglect and cruelty. In the largest shelter, there are approximately 6,000 dogs, all desperately craving attention and a forever home. But this is just one of many shelters, both private and public, with many never leaving the confines of their cages due to the number of animals needing help far outweighing the homes available.

In 2016, IAPWA began supporting dogs in Romania through co-funding a neutering campaign managed by Paws2Rescue and alongside Wild at Heart Foundation.  In order to be as effective as possible, we committed to supporting existing groups with the challenges they face, as opposed to duplicating resources by setting up our own project. This resulted in our first ‘Partnership Project’ following our work within Borneo and Penang. By working together in areas where a lifeline already exists for animals but where the challenges are vast and additional support is required, we believe we can collectively make a bigger difference.   

Our support within Romania, is focused on:

  • Funding for ongoing neutering campaigns to reduce the number of dogs and cats born to suffer.
  • Launching a Mobile Veterinary Clinic in 2019 to expand the reach of companion animals who can received help.
  • A new wing to an existing clinic where companion animals from low income communities can receive the treatment they need.  
  • Education and Awareness campaigns to promote responsible pet ownership and create more compassionate communities.
  • Assisting sanctuaries to help the animals they have rescued.
  • Supporting equine welfare through community outreach programmes.
  • Campaigns focused on creating long term change within the country.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this programme and our partners. With your continued help we can and will make a difference.

Centre of Hope (COH)

Centre of Hope are one of our partners in Romania who we have supported with their neutering campaigns. This inspirational team have now neutered over 60,000 dogs in Romania!

The Homeless Animal Project 

We are currently raising funds to complete a new wing to the existing COH hospital to provide veterinary care and support to animals that would otherwise have no access to this help.


Mobile clinic

We’re excited to be launching a mobile veterinary unit in Romania in 2019 to provide treatment to animals in need and neuter thousands of dogs to reduce the number of puppies born on the streets to suffer. We’ll keep you updated with the plans for this and will share how you can help with this project.

A True Survivor 

We met Spirit in 2017 during a visit to Dog Rescue Romania. She had been found brutally tortured and left for dead in the snow. Her tail and leg had been cut off, her teeth had been extracted, her jaw broken and she had knife wounds around her genitals. Through your support you helped us to raise £1500 to support the clinic with her treatment. She now lives in her forever home in Germany.  


Kratu raises awareness in Romania

Kratu, one of our Romanian Ambassadogs and assistance dog to his owner Tess, recently travelled back to Romania where they delivered education sessions to raise awareness about dog welfare and show how incredible Romanian dogs are. Everyone fell in love with Kratu and the sessions were really well received by everyone who attended. Well done Tess and Kratu!

Faith and her family 

Faith was rescued in 2017 after finding her foraging for food in the snow. Seeing that she clearly had young puppies, the team searched for hours to find her family before discovering them in an old shed, surrounded by the skulls of other dogs. Faith and all of her puppies were taken to a clinic where they received all of the care they needed and they have now all been adopted. 

Little Olive

Olive was only a few months old when a local group found her struggling on the streets. Through seeing her story on social media, Susie in our Team decided to adopt her and our Ambassador, Dan Richardson embarked on a 3000 mile round trip to bring her back to the UK where she became one of our amazing Ambassadogs.


If you are a Vet or a Nurse and would be interested in joining one of our partners in Romania to make a difference to the lives of animals in need, please email as we have a number of opportunities available.



We first met Noa at a sanctuary who we had supported within one of our neutering campaigns. Marielle in our Netherlands Team had been looking for a very special puppy to join her 2 other dogs so as she could offer a forever home to a dog who needed support. Shortly after, Noa arrived in the Netherlands and now has an amazing life with her new family.