It’s estimated that 25,000 stray dogs live in Penang, Malaysia. With no official neutering programme in place, many were caught every month and sadly killed. After hearing about our work in Borneo, the authorities in Penang asked to visit our facility there to discuss how we could work with them to change this situation. After many meetings, in September 2017, we signed an agreement as the first partner of the Penang Council (MBPP) to establish and manage a humane programme for the strays and provide them with the support they need. An IAPWA Centre is currently being built which will house 60 kennels for patients, a veterinary clinic, staff quarters and an office. This is a huge success for the dogs and cats in Penang and will save the lives of thousands of strays every year.

Through this project, we will be:

  • Neutering and vaccinating stray dogs to prevent puppies from being born on the streets
  • Providing additional veterinary care and support to strays who need our help
  • Supporting local sanctuaries and groups with the dogs and cats they rescue and care for
  • Finding forever homes for lots of dogs and cats with loving families
  • Organising awareness and educational sessions to create long lasting change in Penang

Although our project has already launched so as we can provide immediate care to dogs and cats in need, this will expand considerably once our Centre has been completed. Our Borneo and Penang Teams work closely together to develop our work within Malaysia and your support for these projects will help us to make a big impact in these areas and ensure we can continue being a lifeline for strays who desperately need our help.

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Working Together

This is the land on which our new facility will be built in partnership with the Penang Council (MBPP) to establish and manage a programme to support the 25,000 strays on the island.


Our Penang Centre

Our Centre will comprise of 60 kennels, a veterinary clinic, an office and staff quarters. This facility will give hope, treatment and support to thousands of strays every year.


Care in the Community

Every month we hold animal welfare awareness and education events in Penang to share what we do and create long term change for animals.   

Penang stray

Could you sponsor a stray?

For £3 we can vaccinate a puppy against disease. For £5 we can feed a stray for 2 weeks and for £10 we can also neuter them to prevent so much suffering. Through your support for this project we can help more lives.



Finding Forever Homes 

This sweet pup was one of the first dogs adopted through our programme. Every month, we organise adoption drives alongside local sanctuaries to find forever homes for dogs and cats in Penang.


Volunteer with Us

As well as needing local Volunteers in Penang, we also have exciting opportunities for qualified Vets and Nurses to join us within this project. To find out more, please email