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Our work to end the Dog Meat Trade is currently focused within the Philippines and was launched in September 2017 alongside our partner AKF.

In addition to the many thousands of strays struggling for survival every day, they are also at risk of being subjected to the barbaric dog meat trade (DMT) which sees many being brutally slaughtered for human consumption. Despite this being an illegal activity within the country, many are still being killed in this way and through this project and alongside our partner, we will not stop until no more dogs are forced to endure this horrific fate. Within this project we aim to:

  • Develop a network of informers across the Philippines who link into a central enforcement team to identify and arrest those responsible in collaboration with the authorities.
  • Provide veterinary care and support to the dogs rescued from the DMT who receive life long support at the sanctuary, with those able to be adopted finding loving homes.
  • Running education programmes throughout the Country focused on ending the DMT, creating a compassionate community for strays and responsible pet ownership.
  • Managing neutering programmes to prevent puppies from being born to end up within this trade and to suffer on the streets
  • Providing additional veterinary care to dogs and cats on the streets and within low income communities

Together with our partner and with our supporters behind us, we can and will end the dog meat trade in the Philippines.

As well as our work within this project, we have also supported the closure of a dog meat farm in South Korea so as no dogs will ever be subjected to suffering at this farm again. All dogs were rescued and are now safe. We also supported two very special dogs called Bonnie and Clyde, both of whom were also rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea who are now happy in their new homes where they will be given all of the love they deserve.

The Team 

The Philippines team all work towards the same vision: To improve the welfare of dogs in the Philippines and eliminate their illegal slaughter for human consumption.

The Sanctuary 

All dogs that have been rescued from the dog meat trade are taken to the sanctuary where they receive any veterinary care they need and full support from the team. Many are then adopted to their forever homes, with some staying at the sanctuary and living with the team as their new family.  

A story of survival 

January was rescued within a raid with a horrendous eye injury, most likely caused by being beaten within this barbaric trade. As a result of her injuries her eye needed to be removed. She is now a life long resident at the sanctuary where she runs and plays freely with the other survivors and has developed a really close bond with her carers.   

Could you be an Ambassador? 

Would you like to join us in ending the dog meat trade in the Philippines?  Through our Ambassador Programme, if you sponsor one of our survivors for £20 a month, this generous donation not only helps your sponsored dog but also enables us to continue raids and taking action against traders on behalf of those who have suffered. As a thank you, you receive updates about your dog and a lovely Ambassador certificate.

Volunteer with us

We have year round opportunities for dog lovers to visit and stay at the sanctuary where you will be able to get involved in helping the survivors each day from walking them to spending time helping with their rehabilitation.    


This beautiful boy was rescued with his muzzle so tightly bound that he has been left with permanent scarring to his face. Luckily through this project, he is now safe and lives at the sanctuary, supported by his Ambassadors who make sure that he gets all of the care he needs to live a happy, healthy life.