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The Share and Care Project

As well as running our own projects, wherever possible we also provide support to other charities to help more animals in need. This has included work in other areas of Borneo, Africa, and India. We aim to work with even more animal welfare groups in 2017 so as together we can make an even bigger difference.

As well as managing our own facility in Borneo we also support the local sanctuaries in the area to provide veterinary care to many dogs and cats in need of treatment. We also run outreach projects in remote areas and respond to the need for emergency support such as following the earthquake in 2015 where we helped many animals within the community.

We have provided assistance to a Sun Bear charity in Borneo to make enhancements to their sanctuary and improve the health and happiness of many of the rescued bears.

We have supported a project in Tanzania during a period of extreme flooding in the region so as a mobile veterinary clinic was able to treat hundreds of animals and ensure their safety.

Following a visit to a neutering and rabies project in India, some funding was provided to assist with their project through which they have made a significant impact for the dogs in the area.