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Dan Richardson – Romania Ambassador
Dan is an Actor, Producer, Conservationist and Vegan. He is also a proud Patron for Born Free as well as supporting many charities with their work. Alongside fellow Ambassador Annie, they embarked on an epic challenge for IAPWA where they kayaked across the English Channel before cycling from Brighton to London. Their aim is to raise £30k to fund for a mobile clinic to provide veterinary care for dogs and cats that need support in Romania. Most recently Dan also drove from the UK to Romania to meet and adopt our Romanian Ambassadog, Olive, who now lives with him, his partner Susie (our Berkshire County Leader) and their 3 cats.

Annie Connolly – Romania Ambassador
Annie is a Former Great Britain Athlete, Vegan and Personal Trainer. Alongside Dan, she is actively involved with our work from raising much needed funds and awareness through to contributing to the direction of this project. In late 2017 Annie travelled to Romania with Founder Nicky to visit our partner there and discuss a new partnership for the mobile clinic as well as future support for horses and donkeys within Romania. She lives with one of our Romanian Ambassadogs, Toto and is committed to making a difference to as many lives as possible.


Peter Meyer – Elephant Ambassador
Peter is an actor and model, as well as film producer, author and entrepreneur. He has modelled for many brands and has been acting in feature films including Hollywood productions such as Allied, The Commuter and Transformers The Last Knight. Peter was born in South Africa, but British by nationality due to English parents. He grew up on a Safari Park, rated one of the best in the world, previously founded and run by his parents before moving to the UK. Peter has just released a book telling the story of growing up in South Africa. The ‘Boy from the Wild’ is a gripping tale of remarkable people fearlessly living out their ambitions with honesty, vigour and courage. It is also a poignant story of a granite-strong bond between a father a son.

Katie Cleary – Ambassador
Katie is a model & actress and Founder of ‘Peace 4 Animals’. She is also the creator & producer of “World Animal News” and creator & executive producer of the award-winning documentary, “Give Me Shelter” which is to be released on the National Geographic Channel. She has raised thousands of dollars for animal organizations around the world in support of the most crucial animal issues and her vision is to see a world that lives in peace with all animals and works to protect them against harmful human interference. Peace 4 Animals helps to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for domestic animals and also provides public education on the importance of rescuing animals from local shelters. They also focus on providing public education about ways to protect wild and endangered species in their natural habitats.

Carla Fraser – Rhino Ambassador
Carla is an Actress, Film-maker and passionate animal welfare advocate. In 2016 she wrote and produced a short film called ‘Grey Future’ which was selected for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, with screenings in Los Angeles, New York and London. In an exciting collaboration, Carla has teamed up with IAPWA where she’s embarking on a new creative venture, with a focus on educational campaigns, supporting our forthcoming Rhino projects on the ground.

James Aspey – Veganism Ambassador
James lives in Sydney, Australia. At 17 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had 6 weeks to live. Through his journey he regained his health, became Vegan and even took a year long vow of silence to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over voilence. His inspirational interview following this went viral and was seen by millions around the world. He has since given over 100 talks on his journey and the lessons he has learned and is a passionate campaigner for animals.

Rob Groves – Challenge Ambassador

Rob Groves is an inspiration to many and we are proud that he has chosen to support IAPWA over the next 3 years with a series of epic challenges as part of his Quest4Hope campaign to help animals in need. In 2018 he will be undertaking a huge adventure which will involve him hand cycling around the UK with a team collecting supplies and raising funds for animals in Romania. In 2017, Rob organised the Coastline Challenge, hand-cycling 2,500 miles of the English coastline in 27 days to bring awareness of Climate change and plastic pollution in our oceans for which he deservedly won an award. 2018 will be an exciting year for this challenge and Rob and the IAPWA team look forward to sharing this with you.

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As well as our amazing Ambassadors, we also have some inspirational Ambassadogs who help to raise awareness about our work and the plight of dogs worldwide. Each of them have their own story to share about how they were rescued and please click on Olive’s photo to find out more about our gorgeous Canine Team.